About the project:

A project for College Candy to illustrate what Disney Princesses' would wear out on a Friday night.


An editor wrote the descriptions for each image (listed below), my task was to design an image that accurately conveyed what they were thinking.


Ariel: She’s the girl dancing with her eyes closed – but everyone is looking at her skirt. It’s completely covered in sequins but there’s nothing tacky about it, not even the micro-mini length. It’s done in shades of blue and green. She’s topped it off with a ‘flowy’ (she loves the word ‘flowy’) top in a shade of blue that resembles the Caribbean ocean. Bizarrely enough, she’s discarded her flip-flops and is dancing barefoot.


Belle: The brunette girl in the group is strikingly beautiful but she clearly doesn’t know it. Her posture is awful, for one thing, and she’s literally hiding half her face behind her thick, curly brown hair. She’s wearing jeans that are kind of saggy in the butt and this ruffled yellow blouse that’s actually sort of cute but like, to wear to church or something. Still, this massive dude in a football jersey that has the word ‘BEAST’ written on the back is hovering around her like a kindergartener with a crush on his baby sitter. The height difference between them is hilarious, especially because she’s wearing ballet flats.


Cinderella: First of all, let’s talk about her shoes. They’re almost completely see through, made of the coolest clear material you’ve ever seen. Her dress is white and miraculously stain-free, trimmed with light blue ribbon and cinched around the waist. She wears that same light blue ribbon in her blonde hair. If you look closely you can see that she’s wearing sparkly blue eye shadow and it kind of makes you want to dig out your own blue shadow compact (which you haven’t used since fourth grade.)


Jasmine: This girl may have the worst case of perma-scowl you’ve ever seen but damn, she looks good. She’s wearing leather pants and even though she’s the only girl in here who isn’t wearing a dress, she looks like she put way more effort into her look than anyone else. Her black crop top shows off a great set of abs and you’d be too afraid to approach her because you think she’s try to gauge you eyes out with her six-inch Louboutin heels.


What Disney Princesses would wear on a Friday night


Jack Nichols


February 27th, 2015




College Candy