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The Verizon IndyCar Series moves at a million miles an hour (well 200 MPH+), so keeping up with the drivers and cars can be a bit difficult, even if you’re sitting in the stands watching the race in person.

As part of COED Media Group's partnership with the Verizon IndyCar Series we wanted to show race fans what they can expect with the IndyCar Mobile App with full, live access to over 40 cameras around the race track including views from the cockpit to experience the speed and danger IndyCar drivers see every week. IndyCar Mobile also a great companion if you’re watching the race on television because in addition to giving you live views from a camera feed, the technology inside the cars allow the app to see exactly what’s going on inside the car. The driver’s speed, which gear they’re driving in, how hard they’re breaking, even the angle of the steering wheel.


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Jack Nichols


April 29, 2016


Canon 60D, Premiere Pro, After Effects


Verizon IndyCar Series